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    A self-paced, online personal development course that will change the way you think forever.
    • Includes 18 40-minute videos
    • Set and exceed goals related to health, wealth, and love
    • Improve your relationships
    • Think big and tackle limiting beliefs
    • Live with ease, confidence, and abundance
    • Reach your maximum potential


The course consists of 18, 40-minute videos

VIDEO 1: Introduction

VIDEO 2: The Right To Be Rich

VIDEO 3: There Is A Science Of Getting Rich

VIDEO 4: Is Opportunity Monopolized

VIDEO 5: The First Principle In The Science Of Getting Rich

VIDEO 6: Increasing Life

VIDEO 7: How Riches Come To You

VIDEO 8: Gratitude

VIDEO 9: Thinking In A Certain Way

VIDEO 10: How To Use The Will

VIDEO 11: Further Use Of The Will

VIDEO 12: Acting In A Certain Way

VIDEO 13: Efficient Action

VIDEO 14: Getting Into The Right Business

VIDEO 15: The Impression of Increase

VIDEO 16: The Advancing Man (Or Woman)

VIDEO 17: Some Cautions and Concluding Observations

VIDEO 18: Summary Of The Science of Getting Rich

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