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Meet Karine Blanc




There is one feeling I chased my entire life… Freedom. Freedom to be myself, freedom from my thoughts, and freedom to create something new. As a child I felt restricted by not being able to be myself and not being able to make decisions for myself. I dreamed of becoming an adult so I could finally be free. When I became an adult, I felt unprepared for the challenges that awaited me. I started running from life situations: conflict, pain, and people. Even though I was finally free to do what I wanted, the feeling of being trapped stayed with me. In 2018, I made the decision to get divorced while my daughter was just a few months old. During my healing journey, I reflected on how I created a picture-perfect life and then drowned from it. I became an ardent student of spirituality. I read any book I could find on self-awareness, being present, the power of the mind, and inner peace. After overcoming a tremendous amount of pain, I saw I had the power to free myself and create something new.

You have the power to free yourself from the life you created.


""I will show you how to live authentically, how to free yourself from your thoughts, and how to create something new. Through authenticity, stillness, and imagination, we will be free.""

- Karine Blanc

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